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Need closure? want to know how your beloved one is doing on the other side? Let's get you some answers.

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“Love is the state of being, Peace is the state of understanding and Prosperity is the state of allowing.”

– Shriangali Devi

My spirit faithfully serves those who are willing to embark on the journey of self discovery, self love and self healing. I guide you with love, kindness, clarity, trustworthy guidance and sage advice to assist you in realizing the highest potential of yourself; your DESTINY.

My mission is to facilitate a sacred space to assist you with connecting to your power, your truth and help you to discover the voice of your great Inner Goddess Spirit ; the voice of your heart, which will guide you and reveal all the answers that you seek.

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“Don’t try to comprehend with your mind. Your minds are very limited. Use your intuition.”

– Madeleine L’Engle, A Wrinkle in Time

One of the greatest gifts and quality investments you can give to yourself, which will add great value into your life; is consulting an oracle. You eventually save yourself time, energy, money, resources, avoid pitfalls as well as receive inspirational creative ideas to help you achieve soul fulfillment in your life.

Imagine Spirit as a GPS that will give you the fastest, quickest and most joyful path you can take on your life’s journey !

All of life are about relationships. From your money, your lover, mother, father, foe, friend, business ideas, dreams, goals, fears etc. There are some relationships that are meant to be long lasting and consistent, some to steer us, teach us, help us grow and of course the most important, help us remember who we truly are; the relationship we have with our divine self.

In an oracle consultation you will discover and decode various relationships within your life, and how it’s existence is here to serve, help and assist in your healing and growth.

If you are willing to look at where you are, where you want to be and venture into the magical mystery and miracles the universe would love to deliver to you, this is where you begin!

We are all growing, transforming, how exciting it is, looking through the eyes of spirit to see what you can truly accomplish and acquire!


Shri Angali Devi

Experience & Qualifications

10 Years + Psychic consultation, intuitive life strategist, spiritual lifestyle coach, energy healing. *Gain Clarity & Confidence on your life path and life choices *Unblock Negative Patterns *Learn to manifest your desires into reality *Meet, connect and learn to work with your Angels * Reclaim your power and alignment to source via Goddess & Crystal Healing ** FREE energy clearing/healing session with every paid session. Blessings, Angali


- Angel Therapy Practitioner
- Angel Therapy Medium
- Basic Law of Attraction Coach
- Advanced Law of Attraction Coach
- Reiki Healer
- Crystal Healing Therapist
- Aryuvedic Healing
- Goddess Healing

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